Why Are Your Walls Cracking?

Why Are Your Walls Cracking?

Walls are often susceptible to cracks in both new and old homes and it couldn’t be more frustrating or alarming. It is wise to give attention to cracks showing up on your walls, understand what is causing them and figure out ways on how to repair.   

Settling in of a freshly constructed house

New houses are exposed to cracking especially due to drying. The shrinking of wet materials causes slight movement in the walls hence resulting in crevices. It is advisable to wait, give your house room to completely dry then after a year or so; you could go about refilling the splits.

Houses left vacant

Unoccupied buildings tend to crack more often than occupied ones due to the expanding and contracting caused by the different seasons and temperature falling and rising. Such slight movements eventually cause cracking on your walls. If you are not going to be home for long periods of time, you could consider occasionally repainting your walls.  

Water leaking in the walls

Cracks can be formed from water leaking into your home’s wall. This results in discolorations, dampness and weak walls leading to cracking. Before repairing your walls it is advisable to first deal with the leakage problem.

Structural deterioration

Large diagonal wall cracks may indicate that there is a part of the foundation that has sunk, shifted or is damaged due to either termite infestation or inferior construction. Such cases are serious hence you should consult an expert or professional for repair immediately.

Sub-standard work

During construction some builders may use poor materials or generally just do a lousy job resulting in formation of cracks. Consult a reputable contractor for evaluation in order to advise accordingly on how to repair your home and make it safe for you and your family.

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