Quality Assurance And Quality Control In Construction

Quality Assurance And Quality Control In Construction

Achieving success in a building project requires both QA and QC. If either QA or QC are left out, it becomes near impossible to produce an effective construction quality program. 

Both quality assurance and quality control in a construction project are aimed at ensuring quality of the final product - the building.

Both QA and QC are valuable practices to help ensure quality and they are a measure of excellence in how well the final product or service meets the client and end-user’s requirements and needs.

In new building construction:

  • The end product is the completed structure and the surrounding property it sits on.
  • A quality building is defect free and is the result of a process that adheres to the local building code, measurable and verifiable standards, and achieves its performance goals and requirements.
  • Ensuring quality in a project is a standard goal for construction professionals and helps manage risks.
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